25 March 2011

A Doctor In The House

Tak sabar nak baca buku ni......Insyaallah bulan depan dapat.......TQ Kak Tohirah from KYUEM Resource Center and umieeeeee.....
At over 800 pages, A Doctor in the House: The Memoirs of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad takes readers on a journey known to very few outside Tun Dr Mahathir’s immediate family: from his earliest memories of childhood; through the most important events in the history of Malaya’s struggle through the sunset of British colonialism, World War, and Independence; to his life as a doctor; his constant struggles as a politician to improve the lot of his fellow citizen; his single-minded pursuit of his country’s goals; his greatest fears; and his most cherished hopes.

Briefly, here’s some chapters of what readers can expect to find in the former premier’s book (courtesy of MPH Group Publishing): Becoming Prime Minister, I Am A Malay, The Tunku Makes A Proposal, Expelled, In The Political Wilderness, Anwar Joins Umno, Daim Becomes Finance Minister, Ops Lalang, Vision 2020, Financial Crisis Fallout, Resignation, Problems With Singapore.

An excerpt from the Preface of the book, courtesy of MPH Group Publishing.

This is the story of Malaysia as I see it. This is also my story.
I have written about the wisdom of our founding fathers who crafted a political system that has enabled the country to democratically and peacefully resolve the problems and challenges inherent in a complex society. 

Malaysia may not be styled after the liberal democracies of the West, but it is led by governments elected by the people at the central and state levels. Not many former colonies have been able to make democracy work. We have. In Malaysia, Opposition candidates can win, and be successful enough to gain control of state governments, if not the central government. Although the Alliance Party and its successor, the Barisan Nasional, have won all the national elections since Independence, there have been exhilarating highs and worrying lows. As I write this, the coalition remains vulnerable, having lost five states to the Opposition at the 2008 General Election. To regain its robustness, Barisan Nasional must make an honest assessment of  ts virtues and its failings, and must be prepared to take radical measures if it is to be a relevant and effective leader of Malaysia in the new millennium.

The book will be available from 8 March at all MPH bookstores and other bookstores nationwide, and retails at RM100.

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