02 February 2015

Ziarah...ke Institut Perubatan Respiratori

31 Januari 2015 berkesempatan untuk menziarah saudara di Institut Respiratori Negara. Tempat memang aku tak tau akan kewujudannya sampai la semalam.
Lokasi tempat ni...depan hospital Tawakkal KL..Jalan Pahang. Walau pun lokasi kat tengah2 KL tapi bila masuk perkarangan hospital ni ....rasa macam klinik ni kampung je...tenang..
INSTITUT PERUBATAN RESPIRATORI or better known as IPR was established in 1958 as a small clinic called Clinic Jalan Pahang. New structures were built in 1960 to house the country National Tuberculosis Program and Tuberculosis Hospital. The new establishment then was named National Tuberculosis centre. It served as the nerve centre for TB control activity and its laboratory served as National Referral Laboratory for Tuberculosis. With the decline Tuberculosis and expansion of new respiratory disease services, in 1996 the new name was introduced. Institut Perubatan Respiratori or Institute of Respiratory Medicine now function as the hospital providing specialized care in all area of respiratory medicine and not only managing tuberculosis. the bed strength of this hospital is 104 with 4 high dependency beds and 4 newly built negative pressure isolation rooms
IPR offers diagnostic respiratory services namely bronchoscopy, sleep laboratory, full lung function laboratory and tuberculosis laboratory. Another recent achievement of IPR was the collaboration with Institut Jantung Negara to initiate the Lung Transplant Program. Other supporting services include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and pulmonary rehabilitation, TB medical social and contact clinic. IPR is also a post graduate training centre for respiratory medicine, regularly organizing courses on Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Update. To complete the Respiratory Medicine service IPR recently reintroduce the Lung Cancer Management with its own chemotherapy drug Reconstitution Room and Ambulatory Care Centre that shall housed all the diagnostic services. 

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