27 February 2015

Sah kemaih...tak leh pertikai dah!

2013–2014 Myvi 1.3 SE (S-Series)
Masa kami pergi showroom  kat Tg. Malim....duit masing2 dalam poket banyak sangat tak cukupnya. Umie nak tengok  kete myvi...
Tengok punya tengok tak pikir panjang terus kata Jadik!....
Balik rumah kami baru dok kira...cukup ka duit nih nak bayo bulan2.
Kete buat full loan lagi sembilan tahun..huh nekad betul nih. Umie kata teringin nak ada kete sendiri.. Nah ambik ko...dia beli sungguh. Tapi sekarang dah settle dah semua...geran dah kat tangan...Alhamdulillah.

Second generation (2011–present)

2011–2014 Perodua Myvi

The 2011 Perodua Myvi was launched by the 16 June 2011 with a tagline of Lagi Best (contextually, Lagi means more in Malay) for 1.3 version and later for 1.5 version with tagline Lagi Power, Lagi Best.[13]
In April 2014, Perodua launched base Myvi XT model which replace the 1.3 standard. It added equipment at no extra cost

Performance and safety

Both the 1.3 litre K3-VE and 1.5 litre 3SZ-VE engine come with DVVT and EFI. Despite the 2011 1.3 litre Myvi using the same engine as the previous generation, Perodua reports an increased of 10HP in the 2011 Myvi all thanks to the electric power steering (EPS) which Perodua will now be able to channel the extra power for an increased horsepower.
Dual SRS Airbags are standard across the range, the first of National cars in Malaysia. the center belt of the rear seat is now 3-point ELR instead of a lap-belt only. ISOFIX is standard across the range for standard installations of child seats. ABS and EBD is available in 1.3L Premium, Elegance and 1.5L variants.


The 2011 Perodua Myvi is available with two engine options of 1.3L and 1.5L, it was separated by different design of bumper and grill. Both are available in a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual gearbox. There are three trims for the 1.3L model - Standard (EZ & SX), Premium (EZI & SXI) and Elegance, and two trims for the 1.5L model - SE (Special Edition) and Extreme. Although the 2011 Myvi is a rebadged 2010 JDM Daihatsu Boon, it has different exterior and interior styling, equipment and engine. Also the CVT transmission is not available, in contrast with the original model.
Projector headlamp, Electronic Power Steering and dual airbags are standard across the range. The standard trim gets steel rims with caps, and other variants get alloy rims and Foglamps. The Automatic transmission lever is now relocated to the dashboard area like the Perodua Alza. An integrated 2-DIN 6-inch Touch Screen DVD Navigation system with Maps powered by Telekom Malaysia is available in the 1.3L Elegance and all 1.5L variants. The 1.3L Elegance and 1.5L Extreme variants also get chrome door handles and a different bodykit.


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